Miss Moneypenny

She imagined her days

Spent listening to the birds

The sun shining down

The tapping of her fingers on a keyboard.

And although she knew this was only a dream


It made her smile anyway.


 She thought herself a cloud

Sometimes dark and brooding

Soft, stormy, silent

And sometimes wispy and radiant

Luminous and turbulent

Always changing and floating

Drifting with the wind

Impossible to capture

Always admiring the sun.



For every horrible thing that has ever happened to me, I’d like to believe that something wonderful and amazing has come out of it.

A mismatched marriage resulted in two of the most beautiful and kind hearted children I could ever have imagined.

And everything else in my life – good and bad – has been overshadowed by that.


Copyright 2012-2014 Miss Moneypenny and MissMoneypennyNaked, Inc. All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “Miss Moneypenny

  1. I see by your website and what you post on twitter that you are not only beautiful on the outside but REALLY beautiful on the inside. Don’t ever lose that.

  2. I am reading your writings from the heart for the first time and you express yourself so beautifully. The above thoughts you share are great advice that I should follow. You have planted the seed, I just have to make it grow. 🙂 Thanks.

    p.s. I just responded moments ago and my screen went weird and everything vanished, so if you get 2 responses – you’ll know why.

  3. MMP – you are driving me crazy with your ‘How-To’ blogs!! I kinda always figured there was a spark in those fiery eyes of yours! I traveled Twitter earlier this year, while following you. I twitter-cided (un-related) then re-found you upon return. I thought there was more to you than the be-moaning I knew of you; I’m glad I can finally confirm it. You are a fucking riot!! I love it!! Carry on!!

  4. Hi. You probally could care less to talk to me and I am willing for whatever you throw at me. I bought the purse and other items on Poshmark from you and returned to you. The reason I didnt mention that I needed the purse by that Saturday is because it was to be buried with my best friends daughter who passed away in a car accident, so when I received item on Monday it was too late. Poshmark is saying you didnt receive the items back but I shipped back to you in the same box to the address you had listed as return address. Tracking # is 9114901189866741100628. I am sorry I upset you as that was never my intentions. The dress was torn and the buttons were stretched out on the sweater so that was upsetting. Like I said I understand you are angry at me for filing a claim. What I am trying to figure out is where this package is.

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