Brokenhearted Girl

Nothing is more irresistibly beautiful and alluring and empty and sad

Than a brokenhearted girl


She is hopeful and hopeless

Passionate and depressed

Nostalgically longing for the past

As the days and weeks trample her shattered dreams

One by fucking one

Until one day she wakes up

Surrounded by strangers and noise and interruptions

Swirling all around her

The wind, tossing her hair

Longing to touch her beauty

She rejects them all

Instead, choosing her memories

Imprisoned in her own mind

Tragically, courting her own sadness




4 thoughts on “Brokenhearted Girl

  1. Can I … may I …share one of my poems with you MMP. From a week ago – here in time .. then …

    Perception is My Reality

    Wonder if I can write
    By the light of the moon?
    Almost a full moon tonight
    A Glorious bulb of swoon.

    The Harvest moon or so they say
    ‘Twas the early evening / almost dusk
    Or the late hours of this Monday
    The fire sparkles another hue – of rust.

    The rising moon, the slowing flame
    Present an analogy, of time, of sorts
    Of the deep odiferous fire so tame
    My thoughts float away as smoke courts.

    [the open night, the falling shroud]

    The coolness settles down now.
    The night sky boasts nary a cloud.
    Breathe deep the smell of embers, wow.
    The senses come alive – aloud!

    Glowing bright and red and orange.

    bvl 09-16-2013

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