I’ll Take The Moon

Take all the stars in the sky,

Like a million tiny what if’s,

And trade them all in

For the moon.

Miss Moneypenny ‏@_Ms_Moneypenny_


One thought on “I’ll Take The Moon

  1. I forgot my Epilogue …

    Perception is My Reality
    Wonder if I can write
    By the light of the moon?
    Almost a full moon tonight
    A Glorious bulb of swoon.

    The Harvest moon or so they say
    ‘Twas the early evening / almost dusk
    Or the late hours of this Monday
    The fire sparkles another hue – of rust.

    The rising moon, the slowing flame
    Present an analogy of time of sorts
    Of the deep odiferous fire so tame
    My thoughts float away as smoke courts.

    [the open night, the falling shroud]

    The coolness settles down now.
    The night sky boasts nary a cloud.
    Breathe deep the smell of embers, wow.
    The senses come alive – aloud!

    Glowing bright and red and orange.
    bvl 09-16-2013

    The waning flames subsides.
    Whispers, smoke escapes the wood.
    The glow of bark abides.
    Whilst the air is calm as it should.

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