This Moment

It’s easy to hide on the internet. No one knows you. You can pretend to be anyone you want to be. You can hide behind an avi.

You can pretend to be happy. You can pretend that none of your problems exist. You can pretend you are in perfect health and that life is sunny and shiny and perfect and pretty.

And if you can convince enough people that you are happy and that everything is fine, after awhile, you may even start to believe it yourself.

Fake it until you make it. It sounds corny, but it works.


But sometimes real life refuses to be ignored.

It’s amazing what you can hide, simply by putting a smile on your face. Smile and no one asks you “What’s wrong?” It’s easier that way.

Life cannot be planned. Bad things happen and life is unfair and sometimes we are powerless.

And no matter what happens to us – the good, the sad, the wonderful, the heartbreaking – nothing is permanent.

Except for death.

And you are not dead. Not yet.

So why the fuck are you sitting there reading this? Stop.

STOP. Go and do what makes you happy. Now.

Do not read these pointless words. Everything is pointless UNLESS it makes you smile.

There is someone, somewhere right now who is thinking of you. Loving you. Wanting to be with you.

Wanting to share a drink. Maybe a hot toddy on a cold fall night. To snuggle and laugh with you and forget about life and all the bad.

Forget it all and enjoy the moment now. No other moment is guaranteed. Except for this one.

Right now.

Enjoy the now. Enjoy this moment.

You never know when it will all………. End.

“Not all dreams come true.
Not all find love.
Not all get what they search for.
Happiness is found in the now.
It’s the only thing we have.”

Ms_Moneypenny_ via Twitter

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3 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. Not all love is life and not all life is love. Being in who you are, what you are and loving that, seems a pretty good start to me. And if that word called love creeps into your life, meandering until, as if by magic, the world seems a better place each morning then who could ask for more? Love will find a way, usually when you least expect it.

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