Two People

Two people

Complete opposites.

Two people

Man and woman

Or boy and girl?

So childlike in some ways that perhaps they needed each other

As most children do.

Two people


Blindly finding their way.

Two people

Who met

Who fell in love

Who destroyed that love

Each by their own destructive ways.

Two people

So different that perhaps they belonged together

Or who were so wrong for each other

They were bound to crash and burn.

Two people

Damaged, stubborn, fragile, lost, distrusting, isolated, independent, fearful, strong-willed, heartbroken, misunderstood


Two people

Who once loved and laughed and held hands

Made love

Made plans

Who were fiercely passionate and in love

Are now alone.

Two people

Will never be the same.

Just another sweet and touching picture I love.I adore animals... cats, dogs and pretty much all animals.


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