It’s like floating down an empty hallway with blank walls and a thousand possible doors

And with each one you choose, you discover a new color, a new feeling, a new view

You see something that will either arouse your curiosity, drawing you in further – or push you away.

And more likely than not, both of these will occur and you won’t know where to turn or which direction to take

And so you decide to either continue discovering or you withdraw, even though the exit isn’t always clear.


And everything that used to feel so safe and warm in your peaceful, happy little cocoon

Suddenly changes when this new stranger crosses your path, disrupting all your quiet and calm

And sometimes it feels as sudden and unexpected and as out of place as Dorothy’s house dropping down into the middle of Oz

Or as natural as two bodies entwined into the deliciousness of almost one

And you have no control over how things will go or what you feel or what direction it will all take

And suddenly your mind is swirling with questions and thoughts and feelings and things that you cannot control or understand and you may never find the answers to any of it


So you step back and frantically try to recreate the peace and the calm

But it’s impossible to go backwards

After all of the lines have been crossed

And you can’t undo it and you can’t go back

Once your heart has come undone.