A Heart Trapped In Limbo

Nothing consoles me… nothing helps.

I feel like a soul trapped in limbo between what I used to have with him and something I know I can never have again.

There is no comfort – no cure, for a heart trapped in limbo between the love it used to have and something it knows it can never have again.

One thought on “A Heart Trapped In Limbo

  1. Please don’t think that because it isn’t true. Think of this…there are over 7 billion people in the world and he was one of them. What if you had never met him? You would have met someone else, there is no question about that. A person as lovely as you are would have many men interested in you and he wasn’t the only nice man on earth. From your writings he wasn’t even nice at all.

    You WILL find happiness with a wonderful man and you are better equipped now to see through lies and pretenses, as they come along, which they surely will. One day that ‘click’ will be there from day one with the right man and you’ll never look back. Have faith in yourself. 🙂

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