The Road

My heart races

I feel it pounding in my chest

I want to catch my breath and stop time

Make this moment last forever

But I know I can’t

He’ll be gone soon, like every other time

And I’ll watch from my window, as his old car rolls down the road, and eventually turns the bend out of my view


There’s something a bit sad about watching a car drive away. Not knowing when you’ll see them again, or if they will ever come back.

Downtown Breckinridge.

Downtown Breckinridge.


I want to be the breeze

That flows through your window


As you make your way through each day

That refreshes you after a hard day

Energizes you

Lifts you

Calms you   -MMP


Brokenhearted Girl

Nothing is more irresistibly beautiful and alluring and empty and sad

Than a brokenhearted girl


She is hopeful and hopeless

Passionate and depressed

Nostalgically longing for the past

As the days and weeks trample her shattered dreams

One by fucking one

Until one day she wakes up

Surrounded by strangers and noise and interruptions

Swirling all around her

The wind, tossing her hair

Longing to touch her beauty

She rejects them all

Instead, choosing her memories

Imprisoned in her own mind

Tragically, courting her own sadness